February 25, 2023

× NOTICE! This program is from Flushing Church. The Bayanihan Church members will be attending the Filipino Convocation at Camp Berkshire. You can follow us live on our facebook page: https://fb.com/bayanihan7

Bayanihan & Flushing Seventh-day Adventist Churches


9:15 AM

Song Leaders: Praise Team
Songs of Praise:
  • "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee", SDAH 12
  • "Fairest Lord Jesus", SDAH 240
  • "I Would Be Like Jesus", SDAH 311
Opening Hymn: "Take The World, But Give Me Jesus", SDAH 329
Scripture & Opening Prayer: Jose Aguilar
Welcome Remarks: Carol Ayala
Mission Story: Christine Hayman
Special Music: Roseberlande and Sananda


"Planning for Success"

Adult Class - Jorge De Los Rios
Teens - Vernice Prince

Children's Story: Jorge De Los Rios
Closing Song: "Take My Life And Let It Be", SDAH 330
Closing Prayer: Lorenzo Sanchez


11:00 AM

Song Leaders: Praise Team
Songs of Praise:
  • “Take The Name Of Jesus With You”, SDAH 474
  • “Burdens Are Lifted On Calvary", SDAH 476
  • “Jesus Saves”, SDAH 340
Welcome & Announcements: Amos Hayman, Presiding Elder
Call to Worship Reading #740 - "Christ the Deliverer"
Introit: "Holy, Holy, Holy" SDAH 73
Invocation: Pastor Bogdan Platon, Speaker
Opening Hymn: "A Child Of The King", SDAH 468
Children's Story: Jorge De Los Rios
Scripture Reading:
Psalm 51:10 10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
| Amos Hayman, Presiding Elder
Special Music: Selected


"How Can We Enjoy the Divine Insurance?"

Pastor Bogdan Platon, Speaker

Closing Hymn: "How Great Thou Art", SDAH 86
Benediction: Pastor Jun Bautista, Speaker
Response: "We Have This Hope" SDAH 214

For Pastoral Services

Please call Pastor Jun Bautista (Bayanihan Seventh-day Adventist Church) at 929-442-5428 or email him at chaplainph@gmail.com or Pastor Bogdan Platon (Flushing Seventh-day Adventist Church) at 269-944-6959 or email him at bogdanplaton@gmail.com.

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